Meet our students: Ramesh Acharya

My name is Ramesh, I am 17 years old, I live in Haripow (Kaski district). It is 15 km from Pokhara.

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I am a very poor man, my family are just farmers and, they don’t have a lot of money. I have 1 brother. He is 19 years old. He studied for class 10 and now he works in Malaysia, marketing. I have 4 sisters, they are all married. One sister studied for class 8. I am the first one in my family to study for class 11. My family is very happy I receive the fellowship.

My hobby is journalism subject. I read newspapers, write news. I like that. In the future, I want to be a good journalist for Nepal. I started a program in my village and my school for writing. I like reading Nepali literature.

I want to learn English and journalism. Because I come from government school, and in government school we don’t practice we only pass exams. So I am not perfect. All countries use English, electronic use English language, so that is very important to learn.

I want to learn newspaper writing. I want to write news for all people so houseworkers can easily read the news. News are very important because Nepali political conditions are very bad. The conditions are very bad because every 3 months they change the Prime Minister. And there is corruption. When journalists write news, they watch the behavior of the Prime Minister and they change the political conditions.

This is a shortened version of an interview conducted by Noam Keim on August 24th.

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Fellowship Certificate Awarded

August 12, 2013. (Pokhara).  Today, Alternatives organized Gaky’s Light Fellowship Distribution Ceremony and formally awarded Certificate of Gaky’s Light Fellowship to 12 outstanding students selected this year on the special occasion of 14th International Youth Day. Gaky’s Light Fellowship is a joint program initiated by Alternatives (Nepal based organization) and Eva Nepal, Inc (US based organization).

The awarded students who get the fellowship certificate are: Ramesh Acharya, Krishma Basnet, Bagwan Bastola, Shristhi Shrestha, Sabina Khatun, Puja Shrestha, Sandip regmi, Nirajan Kadayat, Narayan Bhattarai, Anju Kumari Choudhary, Asmita  Adhikari, and Pabitra Bhandari.

New Fellows with certificate of GL Fellowship

New Fellows with certificate of GL Fellowship accompanied by Senior Fellows, Staffs and Guest

These students were selected through a rigorous process of primary application, secondary application (written test), reference check, interview, and selection from home and workplace visit with reference check. This year, Alternatives collected fellowship application from Biratnagar (Eastern Nepal), Janakpur (Central Nepal), Butwal (Western Nepal), Dang (Mid Western Nepal), Dhangadi (Far East Nepal) and Pokhara. It received 417 applications from 28 districts and 112 schools for the fellowship.

The  students who are selected as fellows will receive scholarship as well as different training for next two years to develop their professional skills. The ultimate focus of Gaky’s Light Fellowship is to develop these youths with professional skills for employment and motivated toward enterprise creation.

This year’s International Youth Day Slogan: “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward” is also directly related with the aim (professional skill development and employment creation for Nepalese youth) of GL Fellowship.

On the program, Samundra Paudel, Founder/Program Director of Alternatives shared the current situation of Nepalese youth. According to him, Nepal is facing huge youth migration since few years. Currently, around 5.6 million youths are working in different foreign countries for lower grade jobs. Annually 400,000 young people enter the labour market in Nepal. In the absence of quality employment opportunities within the country, migration to India and overseas for employment only one option for many youth. More than 1500 youths leave Nepal daily for foreign job market other than India. The reasons behind this are severe unemployment situation within Nepal as well as lack of skill based education in its curriculum.

After distributing the certificate, Buddha Gubhaju, chief guest of the program and youth entrepreneur, said “The program is really great to sensitize and advocate for the need of skill based education, employment and enterprise creation at the time of heavy youth migration.” He added: “Currently, nepali youths have been forced to leave the country for very low paid job as the government failed to provide any skill development training to them and lack of empowerment for enterprise creation.”

On the same program, Alternatives Nepal welcomed Noam Keim as Gaky’s Light Residency for next one year. She will support fellows on trainings related with english language, technology and journalism.

Shiva Paudel, Administrative Officer, Tulashi Sapkota, Secretary and Santosh Koirala, Program Officer, Alternatives, Nischal Kharel and Kalpana Rana, both senior fellows welcomed new fellows in Gaky’s light Fellowship Program and give their wishes for new fellows bright future.

Buddha (Chief Guest), Samundra, Tulashi giving certificate of GL Fellowship to Sandip Regmi

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Orientation Program Held in Dhampus

Alternatives conducted its three day orientation program to its 12 new GL Fellows selected during this year on July 19-21, 2013. The program was held on Panaroma Hotel, Dhampus, Kaski. The orientation program was conducted to familiarize student with other fellows and develop their different types of skills.

The orientation was regarded as one of the rare opportunities for fellows where they discussed their common agendas, their problems and the way forward, as expressed by the participants. The orientation was able to familiarize student, bring out a lot of common issues of the youths which were very openly discussed and the possible measures and interventions explored.

GL Fellows 2013

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2013 GL Fellows Selected (Notice)

Date: June 30, 2013

Congratulations to all finalists and runners-up for the 2013 Gaky’s Light Fellowship of Alternatives Nepal.  The following candidates have been selected from 417 applicants.  (Name list is alphabetical and does not indicate a rank order).

Selected candidates must accept the fellowship by calling the Alternatives office (98560-28560) no later than Monday, July 1 at 3pm.  Waiting list candidates will be notified by Tuesday July 2 at 3pm if they have been selected.

Selected Candidates:

S. No. Name Address Gender
Anju Kumari Chudhari Bijalapur VDC, Mohattary Female
Asmita Adhikari Kichanas VDC, Shanjha Female
Biswamitra Sapkota Thumako Danda VDC, Kaski Male
Narayan Bhattarai Krishnagadaki VDC, Syanjha Male
Naresh Choudhary Dhangadi, Kailali Male
Nirajan Kadayat Jufhal VDC, Dolpa Male
Pabitra Bhandari Dhampus, Kaski Female
Puja Shrestha Devchuli VDC, Nawalparasi Female
Ramesh Acharya Armala VDC, Kaski Male
Sabina Khatun Biratnagar, Sunsari Female
Sandip Regmi Pawai Gaude VDC, Syanjha Male
Shristhi Shrestha Lekhnath, Kaski Female

Waiting List Candidates

S. No. Name Address Gender
  Bala Kumari Nepali Biratnagar Sunsari Female
  Bhagwan Bastola Purunchaur VDC, Kaski Male
  Bishnu Bhandari Chorepatan, Pokhara, Kaski Male
  Ganesh Poudel Bhalam VDC, Kaski Male
  Krisma Basnet Armala VDC, Kaski Female
  Mirmaya Tamang Dhee VDC, Dhading Female

 Any information discovered to have been false on the Primary Application, Secondary Application, Interview Phase, or home visit will automatically lead to the disqualification of the fellow at any time during the fellowship.

Thank you to all applicants, individuals, partner organizations, schools for supporting our highly competitive selection process.  Congratulations, again, to each of the talented young people named today!

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Fellows paired with Mentor

February 16, 2013. Today, GLFP organized Mentor-Mentee Joint Orientation Program and paired 2012 Batch of GL Fellows with individual mentor. We consider this program as one of the one of the important stepping stone on Gaky’s Light Fellowship Program.

About, the Gaky’s Light Mentorship program, it is a special program of Gaky’s Light Fellowship where mentor provide personal and professional support to Gaky’s Light Fellows.  Mentors offer guidance, encouragement, career advice, professional networking, and friendship to their mentees. The mentorship period will cover two years, beginning six months into the Fellow’s Intermediate study, and ending six months after the Intermediate Degree is finished.


On Mentor Mentee Joint Orientation Program, Mr. Samundra Paudel, Program Director and Mr. Shiva Poudel, Counselor facilitated different sessions which were developed to motivate them toward formal mentorship.Dr. Sujan Babu Paudel, Mentor of Kiran Bastola said, “It will be great opportunity for them to take responsibility as mentor and support GL Fellows to help them to solve their challenges in their education and personal lives and develop their career and life goals.

On the day, each mentor with their mentee and from the side of Alternatives signed Mentorship Contract, which is consent between mentor, mentee and GLFP to develop the formal mentor relationship and explains the core duties and responsibilities of each party for mentorship period.

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Web of Relations (SPIDER Excercise in GLFP)

This week our fellows explored actors and agencies that affect their business venture through Web of Relations (Spider Exercise). At first they are divided into 4 groups and developed their presentation of web of relations of each business and at last combined all presentation to develop one Web of Relations with SPIDER. Review following pictures which show how they worked on this exercise.



DSC00100DSC00102 DSC00105DSC00118 DSC00116

After finished their Spider Exercise, they worked independently in their independent session.

DSC00131 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSC00137

After they worked independently, they again entered into english language session moderated by Samjhana and Jennet to improve their english language.

??????????????????????????????? DSC00167

Our Fellows stay till 5:00 PM each saturday to work independently after their regular session end at 2:00 PM. Following pictures show their enthusiasm to work/surf on computer. Most of the fellows has improved their skills to use information technology dramatically within a few months. (As most of our fellows who previously studied in rural areas of Nepal and get opportunities to study in urban area with the support of fellowship and just started to use computer 6 months ago.)

??????????????????????????????? DSC00212 DSC00193DSC00228

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Visit from American Teacher Lindsay Wells

This week, we received a visit from American teacher Lindsay Wells.  Lindsay participated in a 1-day business venture plan, where Fellows chose and organized a simple income generating enterprise, such as a dance party.  For today’s English lesson, Lindsay led a session on phone conversation.

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