Meet our students: Narayan Bhattarai


My name is Narayan Bhattarai. I am 17 years old. I live in Pumdi Bhumdi, in a village.

I applied to this scholarship because I want to study more. I want to get a PhD. I have just lost my father and my mother during the political fight. I live with my uncle and aunt and they told me “You have just passed your SLC (School Leaving Certificate, that marks the end of high school, ndlr), now you are finished with your study, now you get a job, now you get a salary” Then I hear about Alternatives and I receive a scholarship and I continue studying. My uncle and aunt are very happy “Now you can read good and study” they say to me.

I think because they chose me because they search for the type of person who has talent for many sectors and who is intelligent. I want to be a singer for my future; I want to get good knowledge of computers, English and entrepreneurship. I want to learn computers because the 21st century is technological. We can use computers in every sectors and when we don’t know how to use computers we cannot find work.

I work on the radio, I have two shows on  Radio Safalta. When I meet some visitors from foreign countries I cannot talk to them. So I want to learn English because I want to talk easily with people from foreign country.

Entrepreneurship is the skill of starting businesses and continue them. I want to be the best businessman in the future. My hobby is singing but nowadays we cannot earn money with music so I want to do business. I also want to receive a PhD, maybe in economics, because it is my favorite subject. But I don’t know because at that time maybe my mind will change.

I want to add something about Nepal. Nepal has many resources but Nepali people can’t use it. We have the second water resource but we don’t use it. You foreign people can start a project and Nepal will get perfect and you will learn too. People come visit and are very interested and then they don’t want to leave.


About Gaky's Light Fellowship Program

Gaky’s Light Fellowship Program (GLFP) is a joint program of Alternatives and Eva Nepal. It is a scholarship, training and guidance counseling program for Nepalese youth from uneducated communities. GL fellows receive certain scholarship facilities for intermediate level education. Additionally they receive weekly training on career development, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism and language, get mentorship and guidance counseling. The ultimate focus of GLFP is to develop youth and professional skills for employment and motivated youth towards enterprise creation.
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