My Final Year Project: GSM Based Smart Home System

Pawan Adhikari, Remote Gaky’s Light Fellow

“Wow !! its a really great and innovative idea.” Er. Homnath Tiwari, Vice Campus Chief, Western Regional Campus, Institute of Engineering, Lamachaur, said during his visits to my booth on August 29, 2013 and responding to my final year project demonstration and presentation. He further added, “If you go with this type of innovation, you can create something different in your future.” These remarks really inspire me to continue innovating in the field of electronics and communication.

Currently, I’m doing a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) with the support of the Gaky’s Light Fellowship. My final year project has to be a major project and I developed and successfully demonstrated it in a program held in our college along with other projects developed by my friends. My project was entitled as “GSM Based Smart Home System with Device Control via SMS”.

“GSM Based Smart Home System with Device Control via SMS” connects sensors like smoke detector , human detector (PIR sensor) to a GSM module (a device that receives and transmits data) that works on the principle of mobile communication. The owner’s cell number is connected with the GSM module through programming and if the LPG gas leaks or the house catches a fire or a thief arrives at the house, those sensors become active and a SMS goes to owners mobile number; they will read:

“smoke detected please take the corrective action”


“human detected please take the corrective action”

The other side of our project is that we can control devices like a fan, a light and different home appliances through SMS. For example, we can control the appliances of a house in Kaskikot (a village west of Pokhara) from New York by sending a SMS as “FAN ON” or “LIGHT ON”. It is because the power supply of those devices is connected to our circuit at home along with the GSM Module. So, as we send SMS as ”LIGHT ON” or “FAN ON” then connection on fan or light in the circuit gets active high signal through GSM module and the required operation is performed.

My projects got overwhelming support from our friends, teachers and other observers. Their comments and feedback are really motivating for me.

2013-08-30 15.12.11

Me with GSM based Smart Home System

GSM Based Smart Home System

GSM Based Smart Home System

Pawan Adhikari, Gaky's Light Fellow posing with GSM based Smart Home System, developed as his final year project

Me with GSM based Smart Home System, developed as my final year project


About Gaky's Light Fellowship Program

Gaky’s Light Fellowship Program (GLFP) is a joint program of Alternatives and Eva Nepal. It is a scholarship, training and guidance counseling program for Nepalese youth from uneducated communities. GL fellows receive certain scholarship facilities for intermediate level education. Additionally they receive weekly training on career development, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism and language, get mentorship and guidance counseling. The ultimate focus of GLFP is to develop youth and professional skills for employment and motivated youth towards enterprise creation.
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