Some travelling options in Nepal: During Home Visit Process

Samundra Paudel

During the month of June, 2013, it was really great in my life. I traveled from east to west of Nepal. As well as this travel become great opportunity for me to meet many young people of those region. I visited more than 45 locations for home visit process for the selection of 12 candidates for Gaky’s Light Fellowship. During that travel, I also captured some pictures from different angle i.e traveling options available in Nepal. It was really adventurous for me to use following type of traveling option at that time.


Their is only one train route in Nepal. From Jaynagar to Janakpur. We can easily imagine that, after some year our new generation may study in their history subject.


Riksha is best in short distance traveling Terai Region of Nepal


In capital (Kathmandu) and most of the terai region we can easily find Tempo. Traveling in hoot of Tempo is not as per the traffic rule but when we can’t get access inside the tempo, we should follow the instruction of tempo driver.


Travelling in tractor (we usually call big tractor) is also great option in hilly region as well as in Terai region of Nepal.


Traveling in Motorcycle is really adventurous when we don’t get raincoat. We can easily convert plastic sheets into raincoat.


Riding Buffalo….is also adventurous for many people (but not for children as above picture shows).


Nepal also has many highways. But most of the highways are narrow as seen in above picture.


If you don’t get other option, you can use this last alternative (walking).


About Gaky's Light Fellowship Program

Gaky’s Light Fellowship Program (GLFP) is a joint program of Alternatives and Eva Nepal. It is a scholarship, training and guidance counseling program for Nepalese youth from uneducated communities. GL fellows receive certain scholarship facilities for intermediate level education. Additionally they receive weekly training on career development, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism and language, get mentorship and guidance counseling. The ultimate focus of GLFP is to develop youth and professional skills for employment and motivated youth towards enterprise creation.
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