Web of Relations (SPIDER Excercise in GLFP)

This week our fellows explored actors and agencies that affect their business venture through Web of Relations (Spider Exercise). At first they are divided into 4 groups and developed their presentation of web of relations of each business and at last combined all presentation to develop one Web of Relations with SPIDER. Review following pictures which show how they worked on this exercise.



DSC00100DSC00102 DSC00105DSC00118 DSC00116

After finished their Spider Exercise, they worked independently in their independent session.

DSC00131 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSC00137

After they worked independently, they again entered into english language session moderated by Samjhana and Jennet to improve their english language.

??????????????????????????????? DSC00167

Our Fellows stay till 5:00 PM each saturday to work independently after their regular session end at 2:00 PM. Following pictures show their enthusiasm to work/surf on computer. Most of the fellows has improved their skills to use information technology dramatically within a few months. (As most of our fellows who previously studied in rural areas of Nepal and get opportunities to study in urban area with the support of fellowship and just started to use computer 6 months ago.)

??????????????????????????????? DSC00212 DSC00193DSC00228


About Gaky's Light Fellowship Program

Gaky’s Light Fellowship Program (GLFP) is a joint program of Alternatives and Eva Nepal. It is a scholarship, training and guidance counseling program for Nepalese youth from uneducated communities. GL fellows receive certain scholarship facilities for intermediate level education. Additionally they receive weekly training on career development, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism and language, get mentorship and guidance counseling. The ultimate focus of GLFP is to develop youth and professional skills for employment and motivated youth towards enterprise creation.
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