2013 Fellowship Applications Are Open!


  • Get a professional job in your field of study.
  • Create jobs and new opportunities for yourself and others.
  • Learn how to be a change-maker in society.
  • Think bigger!  Find possibilities everywhere.

What is the Gaky’s Light Fellowship?

  • A 90% scholarship for Intermediate Education.
  • Weekly workshops in English, technology, journalism, career development, and entrepreneurship.
  • An intensive professional mentorship program.
  • A community of passionate, committed Fellows ready to work hard to make an impact on society.

The Fellowship has two goals: 1) Employment (getting a job) and 2) Enterprise creation (creating jobs). Each Fellow is paired with a mentor, completes an internship, and works in a team to create a new business or enterprise.

Who can apply?

  •  Candidates have passed the SLC exam or will take it in 2013, to start Intermediate study in July 2013.
  • To be considered for a Fellowship, candidates must demonstrate:

Financial need – inability or severe strain to cover cost of Intermediate Education
Contextual need – little or no education in the family; limited access to guidance

What are my responsibilities?

  • Meet at the GL study center in Pokhara every Saturday.
  • 10% of school expenses (details below).
  • A summer internship between two years of Intermediate school.
  • Minimum two years in Nepal after the end of the Fellowship.

What financial aid is provided?

                                                   Gaky’s Light                                                     Student

School Scholarship • 90% of all school fees • 10% of all school fees, up to Rs. 10,000• Security Deposit
Dress • Two sets each year • None
Books • 100% of basic (standard) books • Notebooks, pens, extra primers, etc.
Rent • GL group housing free rent • 100% Rent if not in group housing
Food & Transportation • Group housing: Monthly stipend Rs. 2000• Living at home: Monthly Rs. 500 • Additional food and transportation expenses (Not including weekly meeting travel costs)
Tuition classes • None • 100% of Tuition classes

Additional Training and Special Project Grants

 Gaky’s Light students have the option of applying for funding for additional courses and training programs, beyond those provided in the GL curriculum.  These might include in-depth technology workshops, arts classes, leadership conferences, etc.

Students may also design and apply for grants for well-designed, creative independent projects.  Special Projects may range from an exhibit, to a technological design, to development of an online platform or program, to seed funding for a viable business plan.

How do I apply?

Preliminary applications are due by 5pm on April 12, 2013 (Chaitra 30, 2069)Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Step 1: Applications can be picked up at a Site Partner, or the Alternatives Office (Big FM building, New Road, Pokhara), or download from www.alternativesnepal.org.np.
  • Step 2: Return your completed application to a site partner or Alternatives by 5pm on April 12, or email your application to application@alternativesnepal.org.np.
  • Step 3: A written exam will be given to selected candidates in May. Candidates will be notified by phone.
  • Step 4: Interviews will be conducted in late May – early June.
  • Step 5: Finalists will be announced at the end of June.


Click here to download the Application Form (PDF File)

छात्रवृत्ति आबेदन फारमको लागी यहाँ किल्क गर्नुहोस । (PDF File)

Click here to download GL Fellowship 2013 Poster. (Nepalese Language, English Language)

Click here to download GL Fellowship 2013 Student Leaflet. (Nepalese Language, English Language)


About Gaky's Light Fellowship Program

Gaky’s Light Fellowship Program (GLFP) is a joint program of Alternatives and Eva Nepal. It is a scholarship, training and guidance counseling program for Nepalese youth from uneducated communities. GL fellows receive certain scholarship facilities for intermediate level education. Additionally they receive weekly training on career development, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism and language, get mentorship and guidance counseling. The ultimate focus of GLFP is to develop youth and professional skills for employment and motivated youth towards enterprise creation.
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