Happy New Year 2014


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Happy Thanks Giving Day 2013

GL Fellowship Distribution Program 2013Happy Thanks Giving Day 2013.

Thanks for supporting students (GL Fellows) from poor backgrounds, who are the first educated generation in their families, to pursue a post-secondary two-year college degree and get training to find their future possibilities. We wish your support will definitely help fellows to achieve their goal. Thanks to Laura Spero, Eva Nepal.org and other supporter for their continuous support.

Samundra Paudel
Alternatives Nepal

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Fellows Article on Youth Journalism International

November 20, 2013. Alternatives GL Fellow Nischal Kharel’s Article has been published in Youth Journalism International. He is Junior Reporter for that blog.

Please read his full article:

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Meet our students: Bhagwan Bastola


My name is Bhagwan and I am 16 years old. I come from a village in the Kaski district.

I study science to fulfill my dream: I want to become an engineer, because I am a student of lower class family. It is too expensive to study to become a doctor, but not to be an engineer. The scholarship helps intelligent students for bright future, they give a scholarship for career development and study. 90% of the fee, dress, basic book and they give career development and informal training.I learned about the scholarship thanks to prospectus in our school. My aunt called me and said “Take this nice opportunity”

My English is so poor, I don’t know difficult words. I want to speak to foreign students. English is the most popular language in the world. Every people knows about journalism. They know about different sectors (study sector, education sector…) how to write news… I also want to learn computer langag and talk to 2.5 billion people, to learn about the Internet, search many things on the Google. Nowadays, computers are important for every aspect of the world.

All my relatives and my teachers are very happy for me. They all think I have a bright future. There are five members in my immediate family: my grandfather (85 years old), my mother who is 43 and my two sisters who are 11 and 6 and both study in government school. My father passed away from kidney cancer.

I am the kind of student who is intelligent in every sector: poetry, history, writing jokes… I also have the knowledge of horoscope because of my grandfather who is an astrologer.

If I find a nice opportunity, I want to pursue a PhD in maths, if I find a scholarship, to become a professor. Professors are greater than scientists because they know about everything. The motto of Nepali people is “jannani jhanma uhumischa shorga dapi gharasi”which means “mother and motherland is greater than heaven”. Nepali people have brotherhood and respect each other.

This is a condensed version of an interview conducted by Noam Keim on August 27th.

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Meet our students: Narayan Bhattarai


My name is Narayan Bhattarai. I am 17 years old. I live in Pumdi Bhumdi, in a village.

I applied to this scholarship because I want to study more. I want to get a PhD. I have just lost my father and my mother during the political fight. I live with my uncle and aunt and they told me “You have just passed your SLC (School Leaving Certificate, that marks the end of high school, ndlr), now you are finished with your study, now you get a job, now you get a salary” Then I hear about Alternatives and I receive a scholarship and I continue studying. My uncle and aunt are very happy “Now you can read good and study” they say to me.

I think because they chose me because they search for the type of person who has talent for many sectors and who is intelligent. I want to be a singer for my future; I want to get good knowledge of computers, English and entrepreneurship. I want to learn computers because the 21st century is technological. We can use computers in every sectors and when we don’t know how to use computers we cannot find work.

I work on the radio, I have two shows on  Radio Safalta. When I meet some visitors from foreign countries I cannot talk to them. So I want to learn English because I want to talk easily with people from foreign country.

Entrepreneurship is the skill of starting businesses and continue them. I want to be the best businessman in the future. My hobby is singing but nowadays we cannot earn money with music so I want to do business. I also want to receive a PhD, maybe in economics, because it is my favorite subject. But I don’t know because at that time maybe my mind will change.

I want to add something about Nepal. Nepal has many resources but Nepali people can’t use it. We have the second water resource but we don’t use it. You foreign people can start a project and Nepal will get perfect and you will learn too. People come visit and are very interested and then they don’t want to leave.

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My Final Year Project: GSM Based Smart Home System

Pawan Adhikari, Remote Gaky’s Light Fellow

“Wow !! its a really great and innovative idea.” Er. Homnath Tiwari, Vice Campus Chief, Western Regional Campus, Institute of Engineering, Lamachaur, said during his visits to my booth on August 29, 2013 and responding to my final year project demonstration and presentation. He further added, “If you go with this type of innovation, you can create something different in your future.” These remarks really inspire me to continue innovating in the field of electronics and communication.

Currently, I’m doing a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) with the support of the Gaky’s Light Fellowship. My final year project has to be a major project and I developed and successfully demonstrated it in a program held in our college along with other projects developed by my friends. My project was entitled as “GSM Based Smart Home System with Device Control via SMS”.

“GSM Based Smart Home System with Device Control via SMS” connects sensors like smoke detector , human detector (PIR sensor) to a GSM module (a device that receives and transmits data) that works on the principle of mobile communication. The owner’s cell number is connected with the GSM module through programming and if the LPG gas leaks or the house catches a fire or a thief arrives at the house, those sensors become active and a SMS goes to owners mobile number; they will read:

“smoke detected please take the corrective action”


“human detected please take the corrective action”

The other side of our project is that we can control devices like a fan, a light and different home appliances through SMS. For example, we can control the appliances of a house in Kaskikot (a village west of Pokhara) from New York by sending a SMS as “FAN ON” or “LIGHT ON”. It is because the power supply of those devices is connected to our circuit at home along with the GSM Module. So, as we send SMS as ”LIGHT ON” or “FAN ON” then connection on fan or light in the circuit gets active high signal through GSM module and the required operation is performed.

My projects got overwhelming support from our friends, teachers and other observers. Their comments and feedback are really motivating for me.

2013-08-30 15.12.11

Me with GSM based Smart Home System

GSM Based Smart Home System

GSM Based Smart Home System

Pawan Adhikari, Gaky's Light Fellow posing with GSM based Smart Home System, developed as his final year project

Me with GSM based Smart Home System, developed as my final year project

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Some travelling options in Nepal: During Home Visit Process

Samundra Paudel

During the month of June, 2013, it was really great in my life. I traveled from east to west of Nepal. As well as this travel become great opportunity for me to meet many young people of those region. I visited more than 45 locations for home visit process for the selection of 12 candidates for Gaky’s Light Fellowship. During that travel, I also captured some pictures from different angle i.e traveling options available in Nepal. It was really adventurous for me to use following type of traveling option at that time.


Their is only one train route in Nepal. From Jaynagar to Janakpur. We can easily imagine that, after some year our new generation may study in their history subject.


Riksha is best in short distance traveling Terai Region of Nepal


In capital (Kathmandu) and most of the terai region we can easily find Tempo. Traveling in hoot of Tempo is not as per the traffic rule but when we can’t get access inside the tempo, we should follow the instruction of tempo driver.


Travelling in tractor (we usually call big tractor) is also great option in hilly region as well as in Terai region of Nepal.


Traveling in Motorcycle is really adventurous when we don’t get raincoat. We can easily convert plastic sheets into raincoat.


Riding Buffalo….is also adventurous for many people (but not for children as above picture shows).


Nepal also has many highways. But most of the highways are narrow as seen in above picture.


If you don’t get other option, you can use this last alternative (walking).

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Meet our students: Ramesh Acharya

My name is Ramesh, I am 17 years old, I live in Haripow (Kaski district). It is 15 km from Pokhara.

2013 08 13 11 46 23 59

I am a very poor man, my family are just farmers and, they don’t have a lot of money. I have 1 brother. He is 19 years old. He studied for class 10 and now he works in Malaysia, marketing. I have 4 sisters, they are all married. One sister studied for class 8. I am the first one in my family to study for class 11. My family is very happy I receive the fellowship.

My hobby is journalism subject. I read newspapers, write news. I like that. In the future, I want to be a good journalist for Nepal. I started a program in my village and my school for writing. I like reading Nepali literature.

I want to learn English and journalism. Because I come from government school, and in government school we don’t practice we only pass exams. So I am not perfect. All countries use English, electronic use English language, so that is very important to learn.

I want to learn newspaper writing. I want to write news for all people so houseworkers can easily read the news. News are very important because Nepali political conditions are very bad. The conditions are very bad because every 3 months they change the Prime Minister. And there is corruption. When journalists write news, they watch the behavior of the Prime Minister and they change the political conditions.

This is a shortened version of an interview conducted by Noam Keim on August 24th.

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Fellowship Certificate Awarded

August 12, 2013. (Pokhara).  Today, Alternatives organized Gaky’s Light Fellowship Distribution Ceremony and formally awarded Certificate of Gaky’s Light Fellowship to 12 outstanding students selected this year on the special occasion of 14th International Youth Day. Gaky’s Light Fellowship is a joint program initiated by Alternatives (Nepal based organization) and Eva Nepal, Inc (US based organization).

The awarded students who get the fellowship certificate are: Ramesh Acharya, Krishma Basnet, Bagwan Bastola, Shristhi Shrestha, Sabina Khatun, Puja Shrestha, Sandip regmi, Nirajan Kadayat, Narayan Bhattarai, Anju Kumari Choudhary, Asmita  Adhikari, and Pabitra Bhandari.

New Fellows with certificate of GL Fellowship

New Fellows with certificate of GL Fellowship accompanied by Senior Fellows, Staffs and Guest

These students were selected through a rigorous process of primary application, secondary application (written test), reference check, interview, and selection from home and workplace visit with reference check. This year, Alternatives collected fellowship application from Biratnagar (Eastern Nepal), Janakpur (Central Nepal), Butwal (Western Nepal), Dang (Mid Western Nepal), Dhangadi (Far East Nepal) and Pokhara. It received 417 applications from 28 districts and 112 schools for the fellowship.

The  students who are selected as fellows will receive scholarship as well as different training for next two years to develop their professional skills. The ultimate focus of Gaky’s Light Fellowship is to develop these youths with professional skills for employment and motivated toward enterprise creation.

This year’s International Youth Day Slogan: “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward” is also directly related with the aim (professional skill development and employment creation for Nepalese youth) of GL Fellowship.

On the program, Samundra Paudel, Founder/Program Director of Alternatives shared the current situation of Nepalese youth. According to him, Nepal is facing huge youth migration since few years. Currently, around 5.6 million youths are working in different foreign countries for lower grade jobs. Annually 400,000 young people enter the labour market in Nepal. In the absence of quality employment opportunities within the country, migration to India and overseas for employment only one option for many youth. More than 1500 youths leave Nepal daily for foreign job market other than India. The reasons behind this are severe unemployment situation within Nepal as well as lack of skill based education in its curriculum.

After distributing the certificate, Buddha Gubhaju, chief guest of the program and youth entrepreneur, said “The program is really great to sensitize and advocate for the need of skill based education, employment and enterprise creation at the time of heavy youth migration.” He added: “Currently, nepali youths have been forced to leave the country for very low paid job as the government failed to provide any skill development training to them and lack of empowerment for enterprise creation.”

On the same program, Alternatives Nepal welcomed Noam Keim as Gaky’s Light Residency for next one year. She will support fellows on trainings related with english language, technology and journalism.

Shiva Paudel, Administrative Officer, Tulashi Sapkota, Secretary and Santosh Koirala, Program Officer, Alternatives, Nischal Kharel and Kalpana Rana, both senior fellows welcomed new fellows in Gaky’s light Fellowship Program and give their wishes for new fellows bright future.

Buddha (Chief Guest), Samundra, Tulashi giving certificate of GL Fellowship to Sandip Regmi

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Orientation Program Held in Dhampus

Alternatives conducted its three day orientation program to its 12 new GL Fellows selected during this year on July 19-21, 2013. The program was held on Panaroma Hotel, Dhampus, Kaski. The orientation program was conducted to familiarize student with other fellows and develop their different types of skills.

The orientation was regarded as one of the rare opportunities for fellows where they discussed their common agendas, their problems and the way forward, as expressed by the participants. The orientation was able to familiarize student, bring out a lot of common issues of the youths which were very openly discussed and the possible measures and interventions explored.

GL Fellows 2013

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